Damsel Fish - Yellowtail Blue Damsel

Damsel Fish

The Yellowtail Blue Damsel is one of the less-aggressive members of the Damsels and is a classic choice for beginner aquarists. Can be kept in small groups in a medium sized tank with plenty of hiding places. A male-female pair can be kept in a smaller tank and will often spawn. This damsel feeds on zooplankton and algae and is also ideal for the reef aquarium. Will ignore invertebrate tankmates and will pick a filamentous algae growths. Should not be kept with highly aggressive species, including more aggressive damselfish.

Feed a varied diet (2-3x daily) including meaty food items such as frozen sysid shrimp, enriched brine shrimp as well as frozen or flake preparations for herbivores. (Credit - "A Pocket Expert Guide, Marine Fishes")

Scientific Name: Chrysiptera parasema
Common Name(s): Yellowtail Demoiselle
Family: Pomacanthidae
Care / Experience Level: Easy / Beginner
Coloration: Blue & Yellow
Reef Compatible: Yes
Disposition: Semi-Aggressive
Minimum Tank Size (Gal): 20
Full Grown Size (inches): 2.75
Diet: Omnivore
Supplements: NA
Origin: Western-Pacific
Water Specific Gravity: 1.020-1.023 
Water Temperature (F): 72-78
Water pH: 8.1-8.4
Water dkH: 8-12

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