Dragonette - Green Mandarinfish

The Green Mandarinfish, with its mazelike patterns of greens, orange and blue is a longstanding one that has an unfavorable survival record among aquarists. The fish too often starves in newly set up tanks. They must be kept in a well-established aquarium with live rock and plenty of hiding places. They will ignore other fish species but males will attack other male Mandarinfish. They may bury in the sand at night or if threatened. Excellent addition to a reef aquarium. 

Feeding can be a challenge. They must be provided with plenty of natural prey, which can be introduced on live rock and live sand. Will eat vitamin enriched adult brine shrimp and live black worms. (Credit - "A Pocket Expert Guide, Marine Fishes")

Scientific Name: Synchiropus splendidus
Common Name(s): Green Mandarin Goby, Striped Mandarinfish
Family: Callionymidae
Care / Experience Level: Difficult / Expert
Coloration: Blue, Green & Orange
Reef Compatible: Yes
Disposition: Peaceful
Minimum Tank Size (Gal): 20
Full Grown Size (inches): 3
Diet: Carnivore
Supplements: NA
Origin: Western-Pacific
Water Specific Gravity: 1.020-1.023 
Water Temperature (F): 72-78
Water pH: 8.1-8.4
Water dkH: 8-12

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