Lionfish - Volitans Lionfish

The Volitans Lionfish is a long-lived aquarium species that spends most of its time in the open. WARNING: VENOMOUS SPINES. The spines on the dorsal, pelvic and anal fins are venomous. If stung, immediately remove the spine and then immerse the affected area in the hottest water (non-scalding) one can stand for 30 minutes, then seek medical attention. The Volitans Lionfish can grow large and should be provided plenty of open space. It will eat fish and crustaceans tankmates, which must be chosen accordingly. May be kept in groups in large tanks, but on rare occasions, it may behave aggressively towards another Lionfish Species. Generally reef safe, however, the Lionfish will eat ornamental shrimps and smaller fishes, customary in reef aquarium.

Feed (3-4x / week) Meaty foods, including marine fish and crustacean flesh. Live grass shrimp or feeder fish may be needed to initiate feeding. (Credit - "A Pocket Expert Guide, Marine Fishes")

Scientific Name: Pterois volitans
Common Name(s): Common Lionfish, Turkeyfish, Red Firefish, Butterfly Cod, Devilfish
Family: Scorpaenidae
Care / Experience Level: Easy / Beginner
Coloration: Orange, White & Black
Reef Compatible: With Caution
Disposition: Semi-Aggressive
Minimum Tank Size (Gal): 120
Full Grown Size (inches): 15
Diet: Carnivore
Supplements: NA
Origin: Caribbean
Water Specific Gravity: 1.020-1.023 
Water Temperature (F): 72-78
Water pH: 8.1-8.4
Water dkH: 8-12

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