Mexican Turbo Snail

Tropical Turbo snails are good reef aquarium animals. They have a conical, coiled shell and lack an anterior spout or tube. The aperture from which the body extends is circular. A white calcareous operculum, or plug, closes the aperture during retraction. The outside coil tends to have smooth or slightly rounded edges. Eyes are located at the base of a large tentacle on either side of the head. Numerous small and several sensory tentacles extend from the aperture on each side and behind the animal. They are a good choice for reef aquariums, but some snails offered for sale, those particularly collected in Mexico, are sub-tropical animals and do not survive well when housed in normal reef temperatures.

These snails are wholly herbivorous grazing animals that need a tank with a good growth of diatoms and microalgae. (Credit - "Pocket Guide, Marine Invertebrates")

Scientific Name: Turbo spp.
Common Name(s): Turbo grazers
Family: Tubinidae
Care / Experience Level: Easy / Beginner
Coloration: Brown, translucent
Reef Compatible: Yes
Disposition: Peaceful
Minimum Tank Size (Gal): Nano - 1
Full Grown Size (inches): 6
Diet: Herbivore
Supplements: NA
Origin: Mexico
Water Specific Gravity: 1.023-1.026 
Water Temperature (F): 72-78
Water pH: 8.1-8.4
Water dkH: 8-12

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