Pufferfish - Valentini Puffer


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Pufferfish - Valentini Puffer/Saddled Toby Puffer

The Valentini Puffer/Saddled Toby is a hardy species that, on occasion, will nip fins, especially long and elaborate ones. Like other tobies, it may behave aggressively towards its own unless a member of the opposite sex can be introduced. Even then, males may chase and nip females. Males grow larger than females and have blue-green iridescent lines radiating from the back of the eyes, blue-gray lines on a light orange background under the lower jaw and a blue-gray patch anterior to the anus. NOT recommended for reef aquariums.

Feed (3x/day) a varied diet of meaty foods, including chopped shrimp, squid, clams, enriched krill, and fish as well as preparations for herbivores. (Credit - "A Pocket Expert Guide, Marine Fishes")

Scientific Name: Canthigaster Valentini
Common Name(s): Saddled Toby
Family: Tetrondontidae
Care / Experience Level: Moderate / Intermediate
Coloration: Orange, Yellow, Blue & Black
Reef Compatible: With Caution
Disposition: Peacefull
Minimum Tank Size (Gal): 20
Full Grown Size (inches): 4
Diet: Omnivore
Supplements: NA
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Water Specific Gravity: 1.020-1.023 
Water Temperature (F): 72-78
Water pH: 8.1-8.4
Water dkH: 8-12

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