Hydroquarium: Hydroponic Planter + Aquarium

The Hydroquarium: Hydroponic Planter and Aquarium is a closed hydroponic aquatic ecosystem.  Perfect for 1 to 2 Betta fish (opposite sex paired) or live bearers such as mollies, guppies, or goldfish.  The fish provide nutrients for the plant's benefit and the plant cleans the water of fish waste for the fish's benefit in its habitat.  The aquarium is made of clear plastic with a black plastic planter pod that prevents fish from jumping out of the tank.  The plant, with the roots rinsed of any dirt, is housed in the planter pod with substrate providing support, with its roots submerged in the water.  The Hydroquarium planter pod features a food access hole for ease of feeding your aquatic pet.  The Hydroquarium is an attractive planter and fish habitat standing 6.75" tall by 8" tall by 3.75" deep.  The compact size is perfect for your office desk, kids bedroom, kitchen counter, school room, or other similar environment.