About Us

Tropaquatics is a wholesale distributor serving a wide array of markets with livestock and living organisms including tropical fish, goldfish, marine fish, live & frozen bait, live market seafood, arachnids, anthropods, birds, insects, companion animals, reptiles, dry goods and value added services.

The markets we serve are broad and diverse including:

  • Pet Retail Outlets
  • Outdoor / Hunting Fishing
  • Zoological Societies
  • Landscape / Aquascape Design & Service
  • Educational Institutions / Schools
  • Grocery / Restaurants

With its fleet of climate controlled vehicles, Tropaquatics delivers throughout the mountain west and across the United States via UPS, FedEx or airlines.

Founded in 1981, Tropaquatics has been serving the needs of retail pet stores and mass retailers for over 30 years with live tropical fish and aquatic plants, water garden KOI & pond plants, small animals, reptiles, birds with related dry goods and supplies. 

Located in Denver, Colorado, Tropaquatics serves directly the Mountain West Region of the United States.  Located within 15 minutes of Denver International Airport, Tropaquatics is well positioned to serve customer needs via various airlines and national carriers.

4990 Paris St.  
Denver,  CO  80239
PH:  303.744.2744
Fax:  303.722.5021