Mini-Gravel Vacuum

Tropaquatics - Mini-Gravel Vacuum is Made in the USA and ideal for use with small fish bowls or aquariums up to 2.5 gallons.  Utilizing the 3 inch long, self priming vacuum tube with protective safety screen design and 18 inch flexible drain hose, you can easily, quickly and regularly clean your small fish bowl or aquarium, in place, by removing waste and debris without disturbing your aquatic pets, plants, decorations or gravel.  Since most small aquatic pet habitats are located on desks, dressers or counters in offices, kids rooms or schools, access to easily and quickly cleaning these habitats is typically not readily available.  Also, stressing or injuring the pets or plants has historically been a major problem.  With the Mini-Gravel Vacuum's proprietary self priming feature, submerge the 3 inch vacuum into the aquarium and place the drain hose in a separate cup or container that is below the top of the water line.  Simply move the vacuum tube up and down until the water begins flowing through the drain hose creating the suction necessary to vacuum debris from the aquarium.  Move the Mini-Gravel Vacuum tube throughout your aquarium to remove the aquatic debris taking care to avoid drawing fish or plants into the vacuum tube.  Rest assured though, that if a fish or plant is pulled into the vacuum tube, the safety screen vacuum design keeps the fish or plant from injury or damage while also preventing clogging.  If this happens, or when you are finished vacuuming your fish bowl, stop the suction by simply lifting the vacuum tube out of the water.  Now that your aquarium is cleaned, replace the suctioned water with fresh, treated water for use in aquariums.

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